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Behave Summer School 2023

Jointly organised by the Behave Lab, of the University of Milan and the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Brescia, supported by ESSA-European Social Simulation Association, this online school has trained students on Agent-Based Models (ABM) in NetLogo by using modelling examples from social science research.

The 2023 faculty included:

Federico Bianchi (University of Milan, Italy)

Ernesto Carrella (University of Oxford, UK

Carlo Debernardi (University of Milan, Italy)

Simone Gabbriellini (University of Trento, Italy)

Alison Heppenstall (University of Glasgow, UK) [invited lecturer]

Nicolas Payette (University of Oxford, UK)

Francesco Renzini (University of Milan, Italy)

Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan, Italy, School director)