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ESSA-BEHAVE Online Summer School 2021 on “Agent-Based Modelling for Social Scientists” 30 August-10 September 2021

Jointly organised by Behave Lab, ESSA-European Social Simulation Association, GECSResearch Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology (University of Brescia), the ESLS PhD Programme in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies (University of Milan) and supported by Fondazione Grazioli and Collegio Universitario Luigi Lucchini di Brescia, this school aims to train students on Agent-Based Models (ABM) in NetLogo by using modelling examples from social science research.

  • Lectures + hands-on training with two virtual rooms in parallel for student assistance
  • The first course addressed to beginner or experts needing a refresh, the second to advanced training on model calibration and ouput statistical analysis, with an intermediate sunday tutorial on R for beginners.
  • Some classic ABMs will be coded from scratch in NetLogo. No previous coding skills required during the first course.
  • Assistance and customized counselling on personal research projects during the course with leading experts.
  • Personal project presentations.

Students will be provided with the theoretical background on the use of ABM in social science research and will learn how to develop an ABM from scratch. No prerequisite on computing is needed. Students will be connected via ZOOM and will be trained with their own laptop. Students are also encouraged to develop a customized project starting from a personal research idea: bring your own model or data if you have, and we will help you! During the advanced course, students will be trained on empirical calibration of parameters with quantitative and qualitative data, validation techniques and model documentation. The last slot of the advanced training  will include a session on how to survive peer review and editors when trying to publish ABM studies in scholarly journals.

The 2021 faculty includes:

Federico Bianchi (University of Milan, Italy)

Ernesto Carrella (University of Oxford, UK) [Invited lecturer]

Tatiana Filatova (Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands) [Invited lecturer]

Simone Gabbriellini (University of Trento, Italy)

Gianluca Manzo (CNRS and Sorbonne University, Paris, France) [Invited lecturer]

Nicolas Payette (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan, Italy, School director)

Here is the Intro Week Programme.
Here is the Advanced Week Programme.

Registration fees

Fees include: lectures, counseling, materials, videos and online infrastructure.

Fees Categories

1 Student fees (i.e., Bachelor, Master or PhD students): 400 euros (intro course), 600 (advanced course), 800 (full course)

2 Non-student, academics (i.e., post-docs, assistant, associate, full professors): 500 euros (intro course), 700 (advanced course), 900 (full course)

3 Non academic, professionals: 800 euros (intro course), 900 (advanced course), 1400 (full course).

Note that two free registrations to the whole course are kindly offered by the European Social Simulation Association to support student participation (category 1). Priority will be given to attendees who are matriculated students at institutions in Group A and Group B countries as listed on Research4Life’s website (see the list here). In case you are interested, please add a sentence at the end of your letter of presentations motivating your willingness to apply for these free registrations.

To apply to the school, please send your CV and a letter of presentation describing (a) the type of training you want to attend ((1) only the introductory course, (2) only the advanced course, (3) the full two weeks course), (b) any prior relevant expertise (e.g., ABM, R or any programming language) and (c) the research project/objectives you are interested to develop during the school to info@behavelab.org by 30 June 2021. Approval will be notified by 15 July 2021, after which registrations will open.

The registration form with all detail about the payment of the registration fees will be sent by email to all accepted applicants. The deadline for registration is July 31 2021. For any detail and information on the registration, please contact us here.

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