Year 2019

Dondio, P. Casnici, N., Grimaldo, F., Gilbert, N., Squazzoni, F. (2019) The “invisible hand” of peer review: The implications of author-referee networks on peer review in a scholarly journalJournal of Informetrics, 13 (2): 708-716.

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Bravo, G. Grimaldo, F., López-Iñesta, E., Mehmani, B., Squazzoni, F. (2019) The F3-index. Valuing reviewers for scholarly journalsJournal of Informetrics, 13 (1): 78-86.

Year 2018

Takács, K., Bravo, G., Squazzoni, F. (2018) Referrals and Information Flow in Networks Increase Discrimination: A Laboratory ExperimentSocial Networks, 54: 254-265.

Bianchi, F., Casnici, N., Squazzoni, F. (2018) Solidarity as a Byproduct of Professional Collaboration: Social Support and Trust in a Coworking SpaceSocial Networks, 54: 61-72.

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Casnici, N., Castellani, M. Squazzoni, F., Dondio, P. (2018) Adaptive Heuristics That (Could) Fit: Information Search and Communication Patterns in an Online Forum of Investors Under Market Uncertainty/a>. Social Science Computer Review, First Published September 11, 2018.

Gao, D., Squazzoni, F., Deng, H. (2018) The Intertwining Impact of Intraorganizational and Routine Networks on Routine Replication Dynamics: An Agent-Based ModelComplexity, Article ID 8496235.

Gao, D., Squazzoni, F., Deng, H. (2018) The role of cognitive artifacts in organizational routine dynamics: an agent-based modelComputational & Mathematical Organization Theory, 24(4): 473-499.

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Bravo, G., Farjam, M., Grimaldo, F., Birukou, A. and Squazzoni, F. (2018) Hidden Connections: Network Effects on Editorial Decisions in Four Computer Science JournalsJournal of Informetrics, 12(1): 101-112.

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